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Tasting Notes


Liquor warm amber.


The creamy viscous taste of liquor, an interesting mix of shades of fig, walnut and exotic spices.


Creamy sweet notes of dried fruit and spices make a pleasant aroma of liquor.


Liquor can be drunk as pure ice, or in cocktails combined with dry or sparkling white wine, as well as used as a dressing for fruit salads.

Interesting Facts

The first step in the establishment of a liquor CREME de Figue is a selection of ripe fruit, grown in the Caribbean. Since ancient times the Egyptians used figs to create wines of southern France and the Gauls - to give sweets to various dishes. In the East, figs used in pharmacology for the normalization of the digestive system. Selected fruits are pressed slightly to alcohol could easily penetrate figs macerated in alcohol, which lasts about 75 days. Thanks to its unique technology, which is kept in the strictest secrecy, the cream during this time becomes homogenous. After addition of a concentrated sugar syrup bottles can not occur oxidative reaction, and the cream is ready for use. It can be drunk as pure ice or in a cocktail in combination with dry or sparkling white wine.

Producer's description

Gerard Briotte 4 generation of the family is located at the helm of the family business since 1836. His great-grandfather Edmond Briottet, starting with wine, gradually switched to the manufacture of creams and liqueurs that are in great demand among buyers. In the old cooking liquor consisted in crushing the fruit in the wine with sugar and a strong aroma of alcohol. At the same time the taste of the liquor poor. In 1841, Edmond Briotte proposed and applied a new technology based on black currant grown in Dijon, without the use of wine and other alcoholic drinks, replacing them with high-quality spirit with a neutral flavor that does not drown out the natural flavor of berries. Teaming up with his stepfather by Jules Thierry (also the winemaker), they directed all their efforts to create a series of liqueurs and creams Dijon CREME de Cassis. This name was formalized them in the Court of Cassation. Popularity drinks Dijon Cassis reached its climax in the years 1940-50: more than 20 companies have included it in its range. One of the legendary political figures in France, Canon Kir his election campaign made the official drink of liquor at a reception at city hall. Each generation family Briotte contributed to the development of the family business, which recently joined the children of Gerard Briotte: Vincent and Claire. In 2012, the region of Dijon Cassis was granted the status of a geographical identification IG, assures consumers that fruit drinks and other components with this symbol on the label, it is grown in the region. The combination of the best ingredients and years of experience allow Edmond Briottet produce more than 50 kinds of creams and liqueurs of high quality.
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