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Wine Branko, Capo Branko, Collio IGT, 2013

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Tasting Notes


The wine is a brilliant straw-yellow color.


The wine has a silky, rich, well-structured taste with generous fruity flavor, pleasant acidity and an incredibly long-lasting aftertaste.


In a complex and elegant wine flavor infused floral tones, fruity notes of apple, pear, melon nuances.


The wine is an excellent aperitif, also goes well with white meat, fish, seafood, cheese.

Interesting Facts

Branko, Capo Branko, Collio IGT, 2013 - an incredibly complex and rich white wine, created from Chardonnay grapes (100%), grown on the slopes of the hills in the municipality of Cormons in the Collio wine region. This small area in the north-eastern part of Italy, bordering with Slovenia, is well known to lovers of elegant wines with their fragrant white drinks. Protected by the Alps in the north, but open to the warm air currents from the Adriatic Sea in the south, the region of Collio is an ancient wine-making heritage. The favorable climate and the soil, consisting mainly of marl and sandstone, allow the grapes to reveal their best qualities.

Company owner Branko - Igor Erzetik - a very talented and devoted winemaker. Creating wine Capo Branco, he sought to fully reveal the organoleptic qualities of Chardonnay grapes, which over the long period of cultivation are perfectly adapted to the microclimatic conditions of the region. To create a wine using only carefully selected grapes, harvested in the period of perfect maturity. After the soft pressing fermented grapes in stainless steel at a controlled temperature. Matured wine in 400-liter oak barrels. After bottling the wine rests in the cellars of the winery at a controlled temperature.

Producer's description

Branko Winery is located in the municipality of Cormons, in the heart of the wine region of Collio. Manufacture of wines under the name of "Branko" began in 1998, when the winemaker Igor Erzetik took over the winery from his father. From 1 ha of land, Igor subsequently acquired a further 3 hectares and with a small number of wines created a furor in the world of wine, thanks to their high quality. Since then, Igor is working on renovation of vineyards, planting new varieties of grapes on the terraced hills, the restructuring of the plant and equipment.

Today, the company Branko owns 6 hectares of vineyards, which are located at an altitude of 350-400 meters above sea level. The cultivation of grapes and wine production is carried out with great care and attention to detail, and the result of this hard work is a well balanced, elegant wine with great complexity and character. Recently, the wine cellar has been completely redesigned and equipped with the best modern facilities. After bottling, the wine rests in termokonditsionirovannyh halls under the earth, where it is developing harmoniously in the medium and long term. The company produces the white wine Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Friulano, Capo Branco and one red wine, which consists of a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Branko philosophy throughout his activities remains unchanged: the wine is born in the vineyard and in the winery, it only multiplies the qualities that gave nature.


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