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Beer Brains, "The Rev. James", in can, 0.44 L

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Tasting Notes


Beer copper-red color.


The taste of beer a rich, well-balanced, with soft hints of malt toffee, caramel, honey and fruit, hints of wood and tobacco, are suddenly replaced by a clean, refreshing finish.


The sweet aroma of beer is filled with tones of malt, toffee and molasses.


Beer goes well with meat dishes, meats, cheeses, fruit and chocolate desserts.

Interesting Facts

Eli "Rev. James" produced by the original recipe 1885. The line is named after the legendary brewing - Reverend James Buckley, one of the owners of Buckley Brewery, a business man with two conflicting goals - preservation of the soul and satisfy thirst. El "The Rev. James" Original manufactured using exclusive yeast Buckleys, developed at the brewery of the same name, now owned by Brains. It has a rich and well-balanced with soft malty tones in the aroma and flavor.

Brains Brewery was founded by Samuel Arthur Brain in 1882 in Cardiff. Production was located in the territory of the Victorian brewery. Ambiguous slogan of "All you need - a" Brains "" plays with the owner's name, which in English means "brains." In 1997, the company acquired Hancock's Brewery and the oldest brewery Wales - Crown Buckley, so the honorary title of the oldest Welsh brewery was transferred to SA Brain & Company Ltd. After the closure of the brewery Crown Buckley beer under the brand name "Buckley's" have been producing at a factory in Cardiff, preserving the original recipe, and even used the old brewery yeast strain.

During its existence, the brewery Breyns retained its independence remains a genuine family-owned company to the Welsh character. On the brewery runs only about 40 people, most of them transmit their skills from generation to generation. Beer under the trademark "Breyns" is very popular in the West of England and Uellse. Special pride of SA Brain & Company is the sponsorship of the Welsh Rugby Union and the title of the official beer Football Association of Wales and the cricket team Glamorgan.

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