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Sparkling wine Bortolomiol, "Versatili" Prosecco Treviso DOC

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Tasting Notes


Wine of pale straw color with a hint of lemon and persistent bubbles.


Gentle, rounded, fresh and well balanced taste enchants light fruity notes.


The aroma of wine harmoniously intertwined light fruity notes of ripe apple and citrus.


Perfectly chilled wine as an aperitif, also perfectly complement the traditional Italian dishes.

Interesting Facts

"Versatili" Prosecco Treviso - light sparkling wine with a pleasant fruity aroma and delicate, velvety taste. For its production uses a traditional Veneto Prosecco grapes grown on the hills in the province of Treviso in northeastern Italy. Historically, the mild climate of the region and clay soils, rich in manganese and other minerals contribute to the development of viticulture and the production of a healthy crop. Reasonable pricing Bortolomiol economy in tandem with high quality products will certainly resonate among discerning consumers and expand the circle of admirers far beyond Italy.
Harvest for wine production "Versatili" Prosecco Treviso is carried out manually in the period from 15 to 30 September. After gentle pressing berries undergo primary fermentation at a controlled temperature with the addition of special yeast. Secondary fermentation in autoclaves lasts 25-30 days aging takes from 1 to 3 months.

Producer's description

The founder of the winery is Bortolomiol winemaker Giulio Bortolomiol. He purposefully and enthusiastically continued the work of their ancestors engaged in wine in the Veneto region from the middle of the XVIII century. In 1949, in a picturesque area near the town of Valdobbiadene history began farming Bortolomiol, and with it the magnificent sparkling wine, which enjoyed great success and popularity. Giulio Bortolomiol graduated in the famous school oenologist Conegliano, and after World War II began for the revival of abandoned and desolate vineyards near Valdobbiadene. He devoted himself entirely to winemaking as unquestioningly believed in the great future of simple but high-quality sparkling wines, created by Italian winemakers. In 1946, Julio founded Prosecco Wine Fraternity or "Brotherhood of Prosecco", and in 1962 became the organizer of the first national exhibition of sparkling wines of Italy, which later grew into Forum Spumanti d'Italia ("Forum sparkling wines of Italy"). Bortolomiol spent a lot of experiments method Martinotti-Sharma, when the secondary fermentation takes place not in the wine bottles, but in special large autoclaves at a controlled temperature of 10-12 ° C. In 1960, he created the first Prosecco Brut (dry), up to this point of the Prosecco grape variety produced only sweet and still wines.

After the death of Giuliano, winery Bortolomiol grows and develops under the able leadership of his wife Octavia and four daughters: Maria Elena, Louise, Elvira and Juliana. Confirmation of the great success of the economy produced wines are numerous high awards at exhibitions and competitions. Continuing the work of a talented master winemaker and a wonderful father, daughter opened special courses for wine, where the best students receive a scholarship named after Giulio Bortolomiol.


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