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Wine Bertani, Amarone Della Valpolicella Valpantena "Villa Arvedi" DOCG, 2012

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Tasting Notes


The wine is dark purple.


The wine has a soft, enveloping flavor with notes of red fruits.


The wine shows spicy-fruity aroma with notes of cherries and berries.


Wine is served with meat dishes, mature cheese.

Interesting Facts

Amarone "Villa Arvedi" - a gorgeous, modern, perfectly balanced Amarone tasteful. New technologies, new methods of fermentation and drying allow guilt to demonstrate a unique balance and elegance through the lush notes of fruit, blackberry, mint, cherry and spice.

Amarone "Villa Arved" born on the best vineyards in the hills of Cru class in Valpantena. Vineyard soil rich in iron, in the eastern part consists of limestone and marl, and to the west - the clay-limestone. Vintage wine are harvested by hand in the second half of September. Then select the best ripe berries and dried naturally in the boxes in the cellar Cantina Grezzana for 120 days in order to reach the necessary grapes and sugar concentration and acquired new flavors. In the middle of January gently crushed grapes and fermented at a low temperature of 4-5 ° C, which gradually rises to 22 ° C. Excerpt wines produced in oak casks with a capacity of 25 hectoliters and small barrels for 30 months, after which the wine is bottled and stored for at least 6 months in bottles.

Bertani winery was founded in the middle of the XIX century in the small town of Quinto di Valpantena in the north of Verona Bertani two brothers - Giovanni Battista and Gaetano. Way brothers in the world of wine began with an introduction by Mr. Guillot - a prominent figure in the wine industry at the time. Since its inception, the brothers Bertani used innovative techniques in the cultivation and processing of crops, using new technology vinification and cultivation. Also Bertani brothers - the first who took the decision to sell wine in bottles, not in oak barrels, which at that time was much more traditional.

Through nearly 30 years since the founding of the winery Bertani in 1888. The Academy of Agriculture, Arts and Commerce in the city of Verona, studying the works of the brothers in terms of scientific and practical approach, awarded them a special gold award. Since then, the winery has become the benchmark Bertani family and commercial winemaking in Verona. To this day, Bertani take part in various competitions and exhibitions, develop new technologies, not resting on its laurels and strive for perfection. Possession Bertani today - it's 130 acres of land owned by the family around the historic villa of the XVIII century. Cellar and winery are located in the cozy town Grezzano.


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