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Wine Beringer, "White Zinfandel", 2014

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Tasting Notes


The wine is light pink in color with delicate grapefruit reflections.


The taste of wine is rounded, fruity, refreshing, with the sweetness. In the foreground in a bouquet - tones of fresh strawberries, framed citrus fruit and melon. The finish is long, fruity.


The aroma of wine is bright and easy. At the heart - floral tones, framed strawberry and citrus shades, nuances of candied apples, nutmeg and cloves.


Wine is the perfect accompaniment summer dinner. Can serve as an aperitif. Goes well with barbecued poultry, light vegetable salads, seafood and blue cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Wine "White Zinfandel", which in the usual abbreviated as "White Zin" (White Zin), belongs to the category of wine for every day. But this wine seems simple at first, fleeting glance. Soft, delicate, with very intense fruity flavor and aroma characteristic of New World wines, it is - a very gastronomichno and can turn the usual lunch or dinner into a real meal. The grapes for wine making carefully collected from vines growing in a very warm climate on soils, warm sun from early morning until evening. Thus the wine "White Zinfandel" appears "sun-kissed" fruit and berry taste. In 2013, the wine "White Zinfandel" 2012 won the silver and bronze medals on such important wine contests like "California State Fair", "Los Angeles Wine & Spirits Competition", "Orange County Wine Society", "San Francisco International Wine Competition ".

Zinfandel grapes - the cornerstone of California's wine culture. He gained popularity for a long time: from the middle of the XIX century Zinfandel already holds a strong position in the wine farms in the south of the United States. Initially it was thought that variety is the birthplace of Italy, but recent studies have shown convincingly: the roots of the first Californian Zinfandel grape vines were removed from Croatia. Forgotten their former homeland, this dynamic dark grape thrives in their new homeland. Curiously, the wine "White Zinfandel", despite the name, and the pink color of the wine made ​​from red grapes. Delicate pink and soft taste wine gets through a short (no more than 3 hours) infusion of grape juice on the dark skin of the berries, then the must carefully filtered. The bulk of the dense, rich tannins, pigments grape does not have time to get into the wort. Fermentation of wort used low temperature conditions. Excerpt occurs in steel tanks.

Passion for business has an amazing power to pay ordinary things in a wonderful and create art from routine days. Beringer obsessed with wine for more than 138 years. History Beringer winery originates in the distant 1868, when Jacob Beringer, tempted by opportunities of the New World, arrived in New Yok, left his home in Mainz (Germany). Upon learning that the rocky slopes and fertile soil of the valleys of California are similar to those in the vineyards in Germany, Jacob decided to settle in the Napa Valley. Since then, the art of making great wine vines in a honed and polished, as there is no limit to perfection. Winery Beringer, in order to create the best quality wines, tends to remain in a sensible balance between loyalty to the old, time-tested traditions and adherence to modern technologies and innovations.


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