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Liqueur "Benedictine", gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Liquor saffron amber.


Liquor has richly textured taste with notes of herbs and spices, a balanced sweetness and a pleasant mild aftertaste.


The aroma of spicy liqueur, fresh, with citrus and a touch of honey, hints of rosemary, sage and basil.


On the basis of liqueur "Benedictine" created a large number of cocktails. Also, the liquor can be used in pure form with an ice cube or added to coffee.

Interesting Facts

"Benedictine" - the legendary French herbal liqueur, which was set up in 1510 a Benedictine monk Don Bernardo Winchell. In 2011, liquor celebrated its 500th anniversary and is rightly gained the status of one of the oldest and most respected of all time liqueurs. Recipe liquor is kept a closely guarded secret, saying that only three people in the world know it. It is known that the composition of the liquor comprises 27 components, among which is thought - juniper, saffron, arnica, melissa, tea, thyme, coriander, cloves, lemon, vanilla, orange peel, aloe, angelica, honey and cinnamon. The complex process of manufacturing liquor takes two years, of which at least 17 months, the liquor is aged in oak barrels before bottling.
Liqueur "Benedictine" was rated 95 points in the prestigious Beverage Tasting Institute in Chicago.

Producer's description

The famous liqueur "Benedictine" produced by Benedictine monks for three hundred years, until the French Revolution in 1789. Three hundred and fifty years after its invention, Alexandre Le Grand, a wine merchant and art collector and religious prescriptions found in the collection-forgotten formula encrypted liquor. In 1876, Le Grand has created a company "Benedictine", having achieved from the head of Benedictine official permission for the exclusive manufacture of liquor. After years of failed attempts, he was able to recreate a mysterious elixir, which he called "Benedictine". Alexandre Le Grand built near his home in Fécamp impressive palace, which began to produce liquor. Today, this magnificent palace called the "Benedictine Palace" is not only a production site but also a museum. The company produces three types of liquor "Benedictine".
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