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Beer Belhaven, 90/~ Wee Heavy, 0.33 L

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Tasting Notes


Beer ruby-brown color.


Beer taste - sweet, smooth, malty, complex, well-balanced, with hints of raisins, prunes, molasses and biscuit. The finish is very smooth, with residual sweetness, slight nuances of hops and a hint of smoke.


The aroma of beer - strong, malty, with hints of caramel, cookies and nuances of the earth.


Beer goes well with cheese, beef, pork, poultry dishes, pastries, nuts.

Interesting Facts

Belhaven, Wee Heavy - classic Scottish heavy ale style is also referred to as Wee Heavy. In the XIX century in Scotland beers in this style called 160 / -. according to the traditional price in shillings. Despite the fact that the "Wee Heavy" from Belhavn created from an ancient recipe, el meets all modern requirements. He has a deep brown-ruby color and full sweet taste with pronounced notes of caramelized malt. Due to its density beer goes well with heavy meat dishes.

Although the brewery, which in the future will be called Belhaven, existed in the eponymous village in the southern port of Scotland and in the XVI century, the official year of its creation in 1719 was listed second. That year John Johnstone acquired the plant and began to brew beer for commercial sale. After John's death in 1815 there was a merger of two families - Johnstone and Dudgeon. Over the next 150 years, the brewery produces a wide range of ales under the brand name "Dudgeon & Co".
In 1950, the brewery was coined for a distinctive trademark - Belhaven Bill - great fisherman fishing in ammunition against the backdrop of the harbor at Dunbar. By the way, the name of Belhaven translated as "beautiful harbor."

In 1972 the family sold the brewery, feeling competition from modern automated factories. Take ownership of a positive impact on the development of the brewery began twenty stage vivid and significant growth Belhavn. In 2005, Belhaven was bought by "Greene King". Despite the years, Belhaven continues to produce all the same range of products - the highest quality ales, cooked according to old recipes.


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