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Tasting Notes


Wine bright pink and orange.


Pleasant and harmonious taste of the wine shows intense shades of red fruits and spices.


Refined, elegant aroma of the wine is filled with subtle shades of red berries and spicy nuances of black pepper.


Wine is served in summer salads, as well as spicy and exotic dishes.

Interesting Facts

"Passeport" - a series of unique wines from French appellasonov to demonstrate the features of the terroir of each region and the art of winemaking company Barton & Guestier. For wine production line "Passport" is used breeding grapes grown in a particular area. Vinification is carried out under the supervision of oenologist Barton & Hastie.

Fragrant pink sweet wine "Passeport" Rose d'Anjou is produced from grapes Groll and Cabernet Franc grown in the Loire Valley. In the production of wine used a brief maceration and fermentation at low temperature. At the end of vinification wine chilled to preserve residual sugar.
Vintage 2013 - Gold Medal from the "Guide Gilbert & Gaillard";
Vintage 2002 - Gold medal of the competition "Estonian Wine Challenge, 2003".

As a holiday gift set is perfectly suitable brand in a golden box, which includes a bottle of rose wine "Passport" Rose d'Anjou and thin glass on a long stalk. This exquisite framing visually emphasize the value of content, become invisible evidence of taste, dignity and style. In the small glass of wine seductive sparkle orange-pink color, inviting to get acquainted and tasting. Elegant scent slowly and slowly reveal all its facets, showing elegant shades of red berries and spices. Taste charm harmony of fruit and spice notes of pleasant moments and take pleasure. Present with dignity can be presented to a colleague, a good friend or loved one, and it will be appropriate for any occasion.

Producer's description

Barton & Guestier - the first French wine brand, which has almost three hundred years history in the wine business, which is known to millions of consumers around the world. Skill and experience of winemakers in conjunction with the traditions and innovative technologies from one year to guarantee wines of high quality products.
It all began in 1725 when Thomas Barton left Ireland and moved to Bordeaux. He founded the company, which was engaged in freight wines, spices and other goods, and already in 1747, the company is considered the first in Bordeaux. Thomas also became the first vinoperevozchikom owning his own winery. In 1802, the grandson of Thomas - Hug Barton and French trader Daniel Hestia together and founded the company Barton & Guestier, which today is a benchmark of fine French wines.
The company's products a wide variety of delicious blame, which are known on five continents in 130 countries, which is the best proof of the success of Barton & Guestier.


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In our store you can buy wine Barton & Guestier, "Passeport" Rose d'Anjou AOC, gift box with glass, price Barton & Guestier, "Passeport" Rose d'Anjou AOC, gift box with glass — $ 8. Producer wine Barton & Guestier. Delivery Barton & Guestier, "Passeport" Rose d'Anjou AOC, gift box with glass.

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