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Beer Baltika №0 Non Alcoholic, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Beer transparent and pure color of light straw with a stable medium-grained foam.


Beer has a fairly powerful, harmonious, wonderfully balanced flavor with dominant tones of malt and herbal nuances are present in a long aftertaste with a pronounced hop bitterness.


The mild and fresh flavor of beer present intonation sweetish malt, hops and herbs notes.


Baltika №0 perfect as an aperitif, it will make a wonderful couple with dishes of pork and beef. It can also offer beer to the chicken, steamed fish and various snacks.

Interesting Facts

Russia's first non-alcoholic beer "Baltika №0" was released in 2001. This drink is made according to the classic recipe using high quality raw materials. According to the technology of beer "Baltika №0" first normal lager brewed from which the method of dialysis is almost completely removed alcohol. Currently, dialysis or membrane filtration technology - the most advanced method of producing non-alcoholic beer, at which completely preserved the aroma and taste of this premium beer. "Baltika №0", having the traditional flavor and aroma of light beer with a pleasant sweet notes, exported to more than thirty countries around the world, including Germany, the US, Japan, Ireland, New Zealand and Cuba.

On the Great Moscow Beer Festival "Baltic №0" for many years it won the gold in the category "The best non-alcoholic."

International awards:
• International Beer Summit (Japan), 2003 - a gold medal;
• International Beer Summit (Japan), 2004 - silver medal;
• World Beer Cup (USA), 2006 - silver medal;
• Australian International Beer Awards 2008 (Australia), the category of Low Alcohol Packaged - bronze medal;
• "Sharap Vino 2008" contest "Leader of the grocery market in Kazakhstan" - gold medal;
• Superior Taste Award (Belgium), 2009 - bronze medal.

Producer's description

The success story of LLC "Brewing company" Baltica "began with the construction in Leningrad in 1978, the brewery production association" Lenpivo. "After the completion of construction and commissioning work in 1990 was founded the company" brewery "Baltika", which in November the same year released the first 27 thousand liters of the amber beverage. At that time, the plant was producing beer under the brands of "Riga", "Zhiguli", "Holiday" and "Admiralty".

After privatization in 1992, the company was reorganized into an open joint stock company. Among the large number of businesses and individuals the largest shareholder (44% stake) was the holding company Baltic Beverages Holding AB (BBH), which was created by the three Scandinavian companies Pripps (Sweden), Hartwall (Finland) and Ringnes (Norway), especially for large investments the brewing industry in the former Soviet Union.

In the same period, the company started work on the creation of its own brand - "Baltika". Under the new brand was planned to produce produced by the classical technology beer, meets most at European level. In order to successfully accomplish the task, competent experts specially developed investment program for the modernization and further development of production. Through the implementation of this major program, "Baltika" in the Russian Federation became the first brewery, which has been found highly modern European equipment.

Most significant for the company began in 1996 - "Baltika" took the leading position in the beer market in Russia, which successfully holds to this day.

With the acquisition in 1997 of a controlling stake of the enterprise "Don Beer" (Rostov-on-Don) and the creation in 1998 of its own network of regional branches of sales, "Baltika" begins its gradual expansion. At this point, has lost relevance title of "brewery" Baltika ", was changed to OJSC" Brewing company "Baltica". After the purchase of the factory "Tula beer" in the autumn of 1999, "Baltika" continues further technical re-equipment of all company-owned manufacturing sites, and is engaged in construction of new plants and malt.

In late 2000, "Baltika" puts into operation the largest in Russia, "Malthouse Soufflet-St Petersburg". It was built in cooperation with the French company Groupe Soufflet, which was the owner of 70% stake in the company.

In 2003 we started work in the new factories of Khabarovsk and Samara.

In 2004 in Tula opened a modern plant for the production of high-quality malt barley elite varieties (Prestige, Scarlett, Barke).

2008 - "Baltika" launches beer in the city of Novosibirsk.

In Yaroslavl in 2009, the company completed the construction of malt houses, the capacity of which is 110 000 tonnes per year.

Since 2007, the legal entity of "Brewing company" Baltica "combines the company" Baltika "(St. Petersburg)," Yarpivo "(Yaroslavl, Voronezh)," Pikra "(Krasnoyarsk) and" Vienna "(Chelyabinsk, St. Petersburg ). In 2009, the production site, located in the former St. Petersburg plant "Vienna" was closed due to excess capacity in the region.

Since 2000, the Open Society "Brewing company" Baltica "is part of the corporation Carlsberg Group, which is a result of the change of owners BBH acquired 50% of shares of" Baltika "by Carlsberg Breweries AS. Since November 2012 Carlsberg Group, which bought the remaining shares of the company Scottish & Newcastle (35%) and minority shareholders (15%), has become the full owner of "Baltika". In order to optimize the processes of corporate governance in 2014, the company's management decided to transform the Company into a limited liability company.

Today the company "Brewing company" Baltica ", being a part of Carlsberg Group, is one of the largest Russian companies in the field of consumer goods. The different structures of" Baltika "has about 7500 highly qualified specialists. The unique products are submitted more than 50 well-known brands, are exported to 75 countries.


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