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Beer "Bakalar" Medovy Special, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Beer is rich in golden amber color.


In the rich and drinky taste of beer, the bitterness of hops is intertwined with expressive and prolonged tones of forest honey.


In the intense aroma of beer, the tones of honey are intertwined with hop and malty nuances.


Beer will make a gastronomic pair of poultry dishes, low-fat sausages, snacks, vegetable casseroles, pizza and potatoes, it is also excellent as an aperitif.

Interesting Facts

"Bakalar" Medovy Special - Czech beer, which has excellent potency, medium carbonation and rich taste, filled with hop bitterness and long notes of forest honey. Such flavor-aromatic characteristics are achieved by using in the formulation of Zhatech hop and natural honey. "Bacalar" Honey is recommended to serve with vegetable and low-fat meat dishes, it will quench your thirst and become an unusual aperitif. This beer is the gold medalist of the exhibition "PRODEXPO-2016".

Beer in the town of Rakovnik was always brewed, but the official date for the beginning of brewing in the city is 1454. At that time in the main city square stood 5 breweries, which served 17 malt. In 1454, King Ladislav officially recognizes beer from Rakovnik, complaining to the city of the so-called "right miles", according to which the townspeople could freely sell their product "at a distance of one mile from the city gate."

In 1588-1589 in Rakovnik lived highly educated bachelor Jiri Pichka Pisetsky, who was the director of the local school, was very fond of beer and was well versed in brewing. For his cheerful disposition he was nicknamed "Playful Bachelor". It is in his honor to this day that the brand of beer "Bakalar" is produced, which is a guarantee of high quality.

During the development of industrial production in 1867, the inhabitants of Rakovnik establish a large brewery, which has replaced many small breweries. The plant developed rapidly and flourished. Despite the destruction during the Great Patriotic War, simple for many years in the period from 1997 to 2004, numerous reorganizations, the plant managed not only to survive, but also to become one of the popular and respected producers not only at home but also abroad.


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