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Water "Badoit" Sparkling, PET, 0.33 L

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Tasting Notes


Water transparent color with fine sparkling bubbles.


The water is gorgeous, nice, unique delicate taste.


Scent water - clean, fresh.


Water can be consumed throughout the day. It is an indispensable complement to the fine cuisine and wines.

Interesting Facts

"Badoit" Sparkling - Sparkling natural mineral water brand №1 in France, among the mineral water carbonated premium. Water "Bud" is extracted using mining pressure from a source located at a depth of over 300 meters in the conservation area of ​​Saint-Guelma. In the interior is enriched with calcium, leaving the surface of the c constant temperature of 16 C °. Aeration of water "Badoit" - natural, it is enriched with oxygen directly at the source. For a unique and delicate taste and bubbly bubbles sparkling mineral water is often called champagne. Water "Bud" is considered to be the purest and most delicious water in France, it is very popular with the best chefs of hotels and restaurants in France ("Bristol", "Ritz", "four seasons") and is supplied to the fine cuisine and wines. "Bud" enhances the taste of food and beverages, creating a sense of ease, helping to reduce the acidity of the stomach, improves digestion and improves appetite.

Useful water quality "Bud" were discovered in 1778 by Richard Marin de Lapradom, the court doctor of Louis XVI. In 1837 he acquired the source Auguste Badu, who in 1838 founded a factory near the source of Saint-Galmier the extraction and bottling of the water and began to supply it to pharmacies. Currently, mining rights and bottling of water owned by Danone. Source Badoit is protected from contamination. Water quality is regularly checked by the French services, water samples are checked daily natural qualities and balanced mineral composition in the laboratory mill St Galmier, central quality control department Evian. Before pouring the water is purified using innovative technologies from excessive iron content, so it is considered to be the purest water in France.


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