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Tasting Notes


The color of wine - pale yellow with grass-green tints.


Soft, harmonious taste of the wine shows succulent range with tones of ripe fruit and a light fruity acidity gives the wine freshness and elegance.


The wine has a robust fruity aroma, which felt fresh notes of apple and pear.


Enjoy the taste of this wine, combining it with dishes of chilled white meat or poultry, snacks, fish dishes and salads.

Interesting Facts

Manavi - dry white wine named after the region where the hills Gombori grapes are grown Mtsvane used to create wines. Microzones Manavi is located near the village of the same name and is located in the municipality of Sagarejo Kakheti region. Among its attractions include ancient fortress Manavskuyu and vineyards where the grapes ripen Mtsvane. Wine "Manavi" made in Georgia since 1938. It has a straw-greenish color, harmonious, soft taste and fruity flavor goes well with white meat and poultry.

In the heart of Kakheti is Alazani Valley, where the winery Badagoni - Georgian-Italian company, whose history began in 2006. Each year, the winery produces 3 million bottles of Georgian wine, not just wine, and the sacred drink, which has absorbed all the best traditions of wine-making, but at the same time produced on the best modern equipment. This allowed Badagoni wines hit the market in Europe.
The farm Badagoni grapes are harvested by hand in small boxes, and then the berries are separated from the ridges and the juice is squeezed. Grape mash so let berries juice, but the bone remained intact. Badagoni - the only Georgian plant with a certificate of quality ISO.


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In our store you can buy wine Badagoni, Manavi, price Badagoni, Manavi — $ 2. Producer wine Badagoni. Delivery Badagoni, Manavi.

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