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Rum "Bacardi" Carta Oro, with metal cup, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Has pale golden color, which gets underway rum extracts.


Bacardi Gold - is the quintessence of sophisticated and refined rum, has a mild, rich flavor with hints of plums, apricots and vanilla. In the long rounded aftertaste sound light oak notes.


Complex rich aroma reveals notes of vanilla, toffee and molasses on the background of toasted oak.


Rum Bacardi Gold is best consumed with cola or juice, especially good combined with lemon juice, coconut milk and grenadine syrup, rum through which reveals the taste of new faces.

Interesting Facts

Company "Bacardi" was founded in 1861 by Don Facundo Bacardi wine merchant who had emigrated from Spain to South America. He was one of the first decided to have a rough pirate drink more soft and noble taste. As a result, new production technologies and a long selection of ingredients, he received the highest quality rum, which quickly gained recognition around the world and gave him the title of Los Maestros del Ron - Master of the novel.

The foundation of unsurpassed quality rum Bacardi is a unique process of fermentation, distillation and filtration of Roma, as well as a clever technique extracts a drink in oak barrels. To date, Bacardi rum has more than 300 top awards that secured him the title of "the most titled Roma in the world."
In July 2009, the company decided to rename the Bacardi rum Bacardi Oro Bacardi Gold in order to raise awareness of the beverage in the world market. In the design of the label remained unchanged trademark - a bat, which is considered a symbol of Catalonia, harmony and happiness.
Rum Bacardi Gold - is a drink of freedom, pleasure and passion, which is integrated into the atmosphere noisy youth party.

Producer's description

The history of the world-famous Bacardi rum producer has more than 150 years. Its founder Don Facundo Bacardi owned its own production of rum in Cuba, but in 1852, the strongest earthquake destroyed his dwelling and the family business. Determined to restore lost, Don Bacardi took the improvement of traditional Cuban cooking techniques Roma "Aguardente", thus inventing his own recipe. The basis for a new prescription went to a special type of yeast, called La Levadura Bacardi. These yeast provides distinctive flavor production company, which has remained unchanged for a half century.

Another achievement was the use of Don Facundo Roma charred barrels of American oak, previously used only in the preparation of whiskey. Not stopping there, Bacardi, Don invented a special filter on the basis of coal from the tropical tree species. This filter allows you to get rid of the rough flavor rum, leaving only a thin and elegant flavors. The components of this filter are kept secret in the family Bacardi for six generations. Logo Bacardi became a bat, which is considered a symbol of good luck in Cuba. Use This Symbol suggested Dona Amalia Bacardi, remarking on the roof of the distillery of fruit bats. In the middle of the XIX century, many Cubans still could not read, and bat on the bottle helped them determine that it is set.

In 1919, after the adoption of Prohibition in the United States Don Bacardi began to organize trips for the Americans to a party in Cuba. After 40 years after the Cuban revolution, Bacardi distillery in Cuba were confiscated. The family was forced to flee to the United States, sailed the sea for 7 days in a small boat. In America, Bacardi again started their business from scratch. Today Bakardi is one of the most famous producers of rum in the world, the company is run by representatives of the sixth generation of the family.


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