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Whisky "Auchroisk" 10 Years Old, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Whiskey light amber color.


The taste of whiskey is light, fresh and well balanced, with notes of sweet apples. The finish is short, smooth, with a slight salty taste.


Definitely sweet aroma of whiskey filled with floral tones (Parma violet), notes of sherry, cooked apples, fresh fruit and cereal, combined with subtle nuances of almond and toffee.


Whiskey is excellent as an aperitif and digestif, pure or with water.

Interesting Facts

A series of "Flora and Fauna" is a range of whiskeys from distilleries belonging Diadzheo concern, the issue of which is now discontinued. The labels of whiskey in this series - bird illustration, animals and nature.
"Auchroisk" 10 Years Old - very rare whiskey from the series "Flora & Fauna". Until 2010, when the 20-year-old whiskey release "Otrusk" was released, he was the only official single malt bottling. The remaining releases whiskey brand "Auchroisk", which can be found on the market, carried out by independent bottlers. "Otrusk" 10-year-old is a wonderful, easy drinking, sweet and balanced whiskey with an attractive floral-fruity aroma.

Relatively young Auchroisk distillery was built in 1974 by Justerini & Brooks. For construction was chosen the beautiful countryside of Speyside. Due to the fact that the name of the distillery even locals worn out differently manufactured products it was called Singleton. The final of the same name was released vintage of 1986, after which the distillery passed into the ownership of the company Diageo, which gave the name of the original product. Almost the entire issue Auchroisk alcohols for the production of other more well-known companies (eg, Johnie Walker). The volume of its annual production of 4 million liters. Auchroisk plant is a large industrial complex. In his basement, for example, enough space to store 265,000 barrels of alcohol, allowing to take part of the space for rent to other distilleries, and the design of buildings has won many architectural awards. Now the complex is retained by United Distillers & Vintners (UDV) whiskey producers. Currently, the company owns a distillery Diadzheo.

Diageo - a large company, uniting under his command many of the leading brands in the spirits industry. Their asset - the conquest of the market by more than 180 countries around the world, the presence of more than 25 000 employees and offices in 80 countries. Their motto, which they are constantly followed in all its activities, - "Celebrating life every day, everywhere."
Diadzheo is a relatively young company - its existence, it is only since 1997 - but do brands and businesses have a rich heritage. For example, the predecessor of the company is considered to be "Justerini & Brooks", created in 1749 - these were wine merchants, inventors of the famous whiskey "J & B". 10 years after this, in 1759 Arthur Guinness signed the lease on the brewery is now world famous St. James's in Dublin, taking a course to create a globally iconic brand. During the XIX and XX centuries range of brand continues to evolve and expand through the acquisition of various subsidiaries, and in 1997 by the merger of Grand Metropolitan Public Limited Company and Guinness PLC was created "Diadzheo", focused on creating premium drinks
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In our store you can buy whisky "Auchroisk" 10 Years Old, 0.7 L, price "Auchroisk" 10 Years Old, 0.7 L — $ 68. Producer whisky Diageo. Delivery "Auchroisk" 10 Years Old, 0.7 L.

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