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Vodka Artsakh Mulberry Silver, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Due to aging in barrels made of mulberry tree has unusually beautiful pale golden color with a pale yellow tinge.


Artsakh Mulberry Silver charms velvety rich taste which clearly sounded notes of mulberry berries, pears, quince, oriental spices and dried fruits. Long aftertaste mesmerizing notes of toasted almonds.


The first notes of expressive flavor notes intertwined white mulberry, plum and lily, in the end notes sound easy haze and freshly sawn wood.


Recommended to be served in pure form with ice, is also a great base for cocktails. Best combined with fish and meat dishes of Armenian cuisine, such as kololak, moussaka with pumpkin or potatoes, dolma, fried pork with quince, choirs, sudzhuk, liver fried in a grid. As an ideal basturma snacks, steamed vegetables with spices, pickled grapes and pickles.

Interesting Facts

In the beverage industry "Artsakh Mulberry Silver" combines modern technology and ancient national traditions. Specificity of the collection of delicate berries, which is made in June, when the fruits are at the peak of sugar content and their unsuitability for long distance transport, make this a truly unique drink, as only in Armenia white mulberry is cultivated on a commercial scale.

Due to the special manufacturing technology, which is kept secret, and extract the finished drink in barrels of mulberry for 1 year, "Artsakh Mulberry Silver" has unmatched flavor characteristics, exquisite flavor and velvety texture round, won the most refined connoisseurs.
For the first time coming to the Russian market in 1999, vodka, "Artsakh Mulberry" immediately won the Gold Medal at the prestigious exhibition "Prodexpo 1999", and later gained recognition abroad.

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