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Beer Anchor, IPA, 355 ml

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Tasting Notes


Beer pure amber.


The taste of beer refreshing, medium density, with citrus notes of orange, grapefruit and lemon peel, nuances of herbs, caramel, pine, red apples, dry finish.


The aroma of beer felt shades of pine, citrus, soft notes of cereal, apples, spicy herbal nuances.


Beer goes well with appetizers, salads, shellfish, grilled fish, cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Anchor, IPA is produced from two-row barley malt (grades Pale, Munich, Caramel) and fresh hops Cascade, Bravo, Apollo. In the process of dry hopping ale were added after fermentation hop varieties such as Citra, Nelson Sauvin, Haas Experimental No. 431. El is characterized by a clear amber color, complex aroma distinct, bright hop bitterness, malt depth and clean finish.

The label Encore, IPA artist James Stitt painted elephant. The term "see the elephant" it was very popular in the XIX century. It arose because of one story preceding the period of the California "Gold Rush." There once lived a farmer, who had heard about the elephants, but never seen. He was waiting for the day when he can at least catch a glimpse of a rare, exotic creature. When the circus came to town, the farmer had loaded his van and headed for fresh products on the market. On the way, as he had hoped, he came across a circus parade, led by a huge elephant. Farmer was delighted, but his horses were terrified. They stood on their hind legs and began to kick, knocking the van and spilling the precious contents of the road. "I spit on it" - said the farmer. "I saw an elephant!" Elephant has become a universal symbol of the "Gold Rush", "treasure" brave pioneers, adventurous.

Producer's description

The roots of the brewery "Anchor" back to the early 1850s, the period of "gold rush" in California when brewing pioneer Gottlieb Brackley arrived in San Francisco from Germany. In 1871, he bought an old saloon with a pool table and pub near Russian Hill and turned it into a small brewery. Twenty-five years of the brewery bought a German brewer Ernst F. Baruch and his son Otto Shinkler and renamed it to "anchor" ("Anchor"). After a fire in 1906, Otto Shikler brewery opened a new location south of Market Street. Next to the brewery fell on hard times. It changed hands, the opening, then closing. One hundred years later, in 1971, he bought the brewery Fritz Dushanzi District, which has invested a lot of money, not just to save the brewery from bankruptcy, but also eager to revive the tradition of brewing beer crafting and creating. He found a new building for the brewery and started the production of five new varieties. In 2010, Dushanzi District sells a plant, and the new owners Anchor implement plans for the conservation of iconic brands, expansion of production and consolidate its position as a leader in crafting brewing.
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