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Wine "Akira" Original Plum, 720 ml

$ 8
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Tasting Notes


The wine is light golden brown.


The wine has a delicate sweet-sour taste with rich tones of green plums and light nutty nuances.


Lightweight, refined fruity aroma of wine with dominant tones of plum decorate thin almond shades.


The wine can be served with dishes like Japanese and European cuisine. Combined with fruit, ice, and also act as a great aperitif, chilled with ice cubes.

Interesting Facts

"Akira" Original Plum - fresh, light, incomparable wine created from a specific strain of plum "Bijin", whose name means "beautiful." He gives the wine a mouthwatering delicious aroma and exquisite taste. For the production of wine selected plum only the highest quality, which after squeezing placed for 5 days in large vats for fermentation. Distillation takes place under the careful supervision by a unique system that allows to maintain a light golden color plums. This is a drink with a true female character with a small fortress and subtle sweet and sour taste. In the bottle you can see for yourself green plums, of which not remove the seeds. They give the wine a light almond color.

History of the House Godo as a producer of wines originates from the XVIII century. In 1786, Japan visited the French Baroness, who brought a gift to the emperor French wine. It made such a vivid impression on the imperial court, which were sent to France, the elected representatives of the court for training. They were members of the family and for Godot, are a relative of the emperor himself. After returning to Japan, near the city of Sapporo in Hokkaido was built winery, where wine began to be produced "Godot", which combines the charm of the French and Japanese style. Traditional products for the Japanese plum wine are and it is from them produced wine for the table of the emperor. The experiment proved to be extremely successful and continued using other types of fruit: pomegranate, blueberry, apricot and so forth.

Over time, the number of products has grown and today the company "Godot" is a leader in the production of alcoholic beverages in Japan. Only its wines have the privilege of being served at the table of the emperor. All products are made only from natural ingredients, without preservatives and dyes. It can be found in more than 60 countries around the world, and the quality of numerous awards at various prestigious international competitions.


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In our store you can buy wine "Akira" Original Plum, 720 ml, price "Akira" Original Plum, 720 ml — $ 8. Producer wine Godo Shusei. Delivery "Akira" Original Plum, 720 ml.

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