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Sparkling wine Abrau-Durso, Semidolce, gift box

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Tasting Notes


The wine is light straw color with gold shiny reflections and lively game of bubbles.


The taste of wine is fresh, fruity, well-balanced, with a long aromatic finish.


In the fresh, bright flavor of the wine reveals tones of citrus, pear and yellow apples.


Champagne - an excellent aperitif, also goes well with a variety of snacks and light desserts.

Interesting Facts

Semi-sweet champagne "Abrau Durso" - gorgeous fresh fruit wine, sparkling golden bubbles alive, having bright fragrant bouquet with notes of citrus, apples and pears, perfectly balanced taste with a long aftertaste. Established on the basis of the best traditions, this champagne will perfect mood for the holiday table!
Semi-sweet champagne "Abrau Durso" - one of the best Russian champagne, won four medals at international wine competitions. It is produced by masters of Russian champagne house "Abrau Durso" by French technology by Sharma blend of carefully selected grapes of five varieties. Sharma method was developed in Italy Director of the Institute of Enology of Asti Federico Martinotti. Feature of the technology consists in carrying out a secondary fermentation in large pressurized containers, after which the wine is filtered and bottled stabilized pressure in individual bottles. The wine has an unlimited shelf life, depending on the duration of exposure strength of wine can range from 10.5 to 12.5%.

The success of Russian champagne house "Abrau Durso" was determined by several factors. Firstly, any production of wine begins with vineyards, and the beauty and richness of vines - with the terroir. Terroir, which is grown raw materials for wines "Abrau Durso" delicious, its richness in mineral elements and climatic features can be called unique. Secondly - a strong historical foundation, which guarantees the quality and workmanship of winemakers created by them drinks. History of the plant "Abrau Durso" has 140 years of work, experience and a real victory in winemaking. The third component of the House - a great technical equipment. In Russia, only "Abrau-Durso" is created and debugged a complete production cycle of great sparkling wines and champagnes. It is such a reliable base allows "Abrau Durso" go ahead, develop and stay the best!


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In our store you can buy sparkling wine Abrau-Durso, Semidolce, gift box, price Abrau-Durso, Semidolce, gift box — $ 5. Producer sparkling wine Abrau-Durso (Russian Sparkling Wine House). Delivery Abrau-Durso, Semidolce, gift box.

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