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Wine Abbona, "Terlo Ravera", Barolo DOCG, 2003

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Tasting Notes


Deep red wine.


In a well-structured, powerful taste of wine is dominated by earthy, mineral and fruit tones. The finish is long, rich, with firm tannins.


The wine has a complex flavor, which harmoniously interwoven notes of black currant, strawberry, cherry, chocolate, licorice and sweet spices.


The wine is recommended to serve risotto, cheese, white and red meats, game and dishes prepared on the grill.

Interesting Facts

"Faset", Barbaresco, 2008 - quiet red wine, which is produced from Nebbiolo grapes were harvested on the territory of the individual crew: "Faset" (60% yield) and "San Lorenzo", located on the estate Abbona. The beverage is fermented in special vats rotating then passes binding exposure for 26 months. Half of this period, "facet" maturing in barrels of oak or chestnut, allowing the wine acquires its magnificent bouquet.

Marciano Abbona - the legendary trading house, which dates back to 1970. Abbona winery, founded in the 20s of the last century, is renowned for its Marciano Abbona - an enterprising businessman, raised a family business to new heights.
Today, production is concentrated in the Piedmont Abbona areas Dogliani, Monforte and Novello. The total area of ​​vineyards from which gather berries to create a surprisingly deep and sophisticated alcoholic drinks, is 103 hectares. In the manufacture of all wines participates famous oenologist Giuseppe "Beppe" Kaviola, also known as the "King of Dolcetto." It is because of the work of this talented man, all products of the winery Marziano Abbona obtained so elegant, high-quality and memorable.

Each label for wines Marziano Abbona developed an old friend of the family - Gianni Galli. Bottletop master depicts the various species of birds that inhabit the vineyards owned by the family Marciano.


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In our store you can buy wine Abbona, "Terlo Ravera", Barolo DOCG, 2003, price Abbona, "Terlo Ravera", Barolo DOCG, 2003 — $ 80. Producer wine Marziano Abbona. Delivery Abbona, "Terlo Ravera", Barolo DOCG, 2003.

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