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Wine Abbazia di Novacella, Muller Thurgau, 2014

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Tasting Notes


Wine greenish-yellow color.


The wine has a light and fresh fruit flavors.


Delicate aroma of wine is made up of notes of peach, nutmeg and citrus nuances.


Fine wine as an aperitif, goes well with summer salads, light meals, vegetables and snacks.

Interesting Facts

"Omnes Dies" - a great refreshing wine with a summer mood, it is perfect for use in hot weather. The wine is made from selected white Muscat grapes with the addition of a small proportion of Kerner and Muller Thurgau, grown in the vineyards of the Abbey Novachella.

Abbazia di Novacella
(Abbey Novachella) is not far from Bressanone, in the northernmost wine region of the southern side of the Alps. The monastery was founded in 1142, and belonged to the Lutheran congregation or Austrian Order of Canons Regular of St. Augustine Lutheran. On the territory of the abbey has many buildings dating back to different eras. Thus, the Church of Our Lady was built in baroque style, the bell tower has retained its Romanesque, the choir and chancel is Gothic, and the library - in the Rococo style. According to experts, the layout of the monastery belongs to the XII century.

Another attraction of the Abbey Novachella - lovely white wine. Around the monastery vineyards are located. In this Alpine Abbey monks began making wine in the XII century. Originally grown here only red varieties. But judging by the historical evidence, the wines were of poor quality, so Abbot sent monks to the south to find a more suitable place for the cultivation of red grapes. Since 1902 the northern vineyards transplanted white varieties: Sylvaner first, and then Gewurztraminer, Pinot Grigio, Muller Thurgau and Kerner. Today, the abbey draws its red grapes with warmer southern vineyards in Bolzano. Wine is produced by traditional technology and aged in the cellars of the monastery. Mineral-rich soil, an impressive height (1970-2950 feet) and cold climate - factors that explain the intense aroma and flavor, as well as a delicious fruity acidity of wines produced from typical Valley Isaac white varieties. The long period of maturation, far deepening in the fall, is crucial. Managing the winery, Mr. von Klebelsberg says: "The devil is in the details. But we - the abbey, and we know how to beat the devil. We do righteous wine. "One of the most famous wines of the abbey Novachella -" Sylvaner »(Silvaner). The wines from the vineyards Novachelly produced at the monastery cellar, famous all over the world and have gathered the most prestigious national and international awards, and in 2009 Gambero Rosso honored winemaker Abbey Celestino Lyuchina (Celestino Lucin) title of "Winemaker of the Year."


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